Aroma Jockey

Introduction: Aroma Jockey

You have the superstar dj and of course the vj who supports the sounds with visuals.
Now you have the arom jockey set the influence the crowd with smells.
So sounds,visuals and smell will take going out to the next level.

You can flow happy thoughts with positive smelling stuff like jasmin,roses ect.
But i wanted to influence the crowd so i took rotten with fish and garlic,union,chicken,rice that was laying in the garden for a week rotting. Really funky smell.


Step 1: Materials

Find the material to build the boxes.I used wood.

Step 2: Materials

buy to little wind blowers.

Step 3: Make the Box

just saw the wood in pieces.You need to build a box 6 pieces same size.
we only use 5 pieces.

and cut the edges on 45 degrees angle.

Step 4: Make the Box

then make 2 hole in to pieces for each box.

One hole where you put the wind blower in and 1 hole where the air is come-ing out.

Step 5: Make the Box.

spread take where you lay down the pieces of the box. Lay them next to each other en glue it and them fold them up.

Step 6: Make the Box.

put the pieces on the tape.

Step 7: Make the Box.

fold the box.Watch out you have to have the piece where you put in the blower in the middle. Because on top you put the one where the air has to come out.

Step 8: Make the Box.

make for the top piece a sort of fader.Where you can play with the amount of air that has to come out.

Step 9: Make the Box.

connect the wind blowers in the box.

Step 10: Make the Box.

Switch the blower on and look and feel of the air is coming out.

Step 11: Finish the Box

Then the last step.
When you are going live you have to connect with the dj's and vj's and also the crowd and do sme dirty work.

Step 12: Video

little practice in the class.

Step 13: Part 2

smelly performance.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    but... but.... why? If I was in a club that smelled like rotten fish I would leave, or complain to management, or both, depending on my level of sobriety. I can understand using stuff like essential oils, eg peppermint to liven things up and lavender to calm down at the end of the night, but not rotten stuff. Yuck!