Introduction: Autoradio Cassette Player [ipod Hack]

after seeingseveralmountingto listen tothe music of hisipodwith anoldradiocassette (ipod in cassette tray)

Iwanted somethingmore convenient tobe able to changethesongwithout removingiPod

-old carcassette player with aux in

-minis switch
-cheap ebay iphone dock with audio output
-car lighter mini usb charger

this assemblycanpreventtheftand keep theoriginallookfor acarcollection

moreitcan chargetheipodat the same timewithoutwirethat exceeds and thecigar lighterremains free

for the operation, you must pressthefast forward buttonto eject thetray andswitchauxiliarythanks to a contact on the tray

put theipodin placeand enjoy thesizzlingsoundof yourold radio

remove theipod,press therewind buttonto close the trayandtheradiowill automaticallywhen the slide isretractedelectrically

it's magic!

on thevideo, the lightdisplaywasgrilled
dockdoorwas badlypainted

sinceeverything isok!

Step 1:

disassemblethe drawercd-rom,acut outto adjust itthe location of thecassette,
disassembleand gluelowestpossiblecircuitiphonedockin the middleof the tray

adjustthe frame of thecd-romwiththe engineflushcassetteopening

i use sheet of alloy to renforce the new system tray and epoxy glue to complete

Step 2:

fixedwithepoxyandiron wireframe oftheipoddock

connect the+12 vconnectorto thecar stereo5vregulator

connect therelays(Iuse 6because I donotfindwithmultiple contact)

-on theshema,the No. 1representstheopen-closeswitchand coilsofrelays1 and 2

- No. 2represents anh-bridgethatallows you to runa motor inboth directionswith afixed supply
contactsare associatedR1R1coil
same forR2
variable resistor is an option that can varie the open-close speed

,No. 3represents theprincipleautomatic switchingradiotoipod

sorrynot tohave morephotos, butI triedto explainthe best!
ifyou have any questionsdo not hesitate!

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