Introduction: Axe Kindling Splitter

1. Make a three to four inch deep diameter cut on the top of your chopping block using a circular saw or chainsaw.

2 With the sharp edge of your axe facing upwards measure the width of the axe handle. With a pencil, chalk or texta mark this measurement on the top of your chopping block and make a second parallel cut.

3. Hollow out a groove between your two parallel cuts. To speed things up I used the little Makita climbing saw shown in the background but you could just continue making cuts with the circular saw and finish off with a hammer and chisel.

4. Place your axe handle in the groove, with the bit (edge) facing up, such that it fits snugly but not too tight. Make any adjustments as needed to achieve this fit.

5. Place a heavy weight on top of your axe handle to hold it in place when you begin to split your wood. I just used on old piece of railway sleeper. A second wood block would be ideal as it's height would render the setup safer if you inadvertenly stumbled onto the axe head.

6. Place one end of your wood onto the axe edge and hammer the other end with a club hammer or a wooden mallet to begin splitting your kindling. VOILA!!!

7. To make the setup safer you could cut out the bottom of an empty Milo or other tin can and place the can tube over the axe head to act as a shield.