Introduction: Bamboo Skewer Bow

I wanted to make a bow that was more powerful than the bic pen one and was made for bamboo skewers. after looking around on this site, I couldn't find a bow that fit my criteria, so i made a new design.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

sorry for picture quality , my camera sucks at focusing
the pictures show the finished product, because i made the bow before taking pictures

anyways, get this stuff:
office size rubber bands
bamboo skewers
kite string
small piece of wood 1" x 1/2" (dimensions don't have to be the same)

second picture is of the wood i used( it won't let me add notes)

Step 2: Cut Wood and Drill Holes

cut the wood to about 1' long
drill a hole in the middle and one hole at each end, perpendicular to the middle hole(see pictures)

Step 3: Add String to Ends

cut two lenths of string about 3 inches long each
thread the string through the holes at the ends of the wood
tie off the ends of the string to form loops(make sure they are on the same side)

see picture for help(ignore rubber bands)

Step 4: Add Rubber Bands and Middle String

tie 4 rubber bands to each string loop at each end
cut another section of string out about 6 inches long
tie the new section of string to the rubber bands

Step 5: Test Fire

shoot it into something (not a person) to make sure it works

third picture shows the end coming a little bit out of the box

Step 6: Be Careful!!!!

at full draw this little bow can do some serious damage
i shot it into my deck, and it took some wiggling to get out (i'm suprised i didn't break the skewer)