Introduction: Batch CJPcreator

Hey, it's sly787 this is my first Instructable here I will show you my new program CJPcreator v1.0.

P.S. (you have to download both files for it to work)

Step 1:

Step 2: How I Made It

This step will show you how i made CJP creator
I will go over the code in sections...

My program has basic tools such as calculator, text editor, color changer, website selector, run a program, and other tools...

Step 3: Color Changer

Here is the code for the color changer:

echo To change color first type in the color of the background
echo and then the color of the text. The background CANNOT be
echo the same as the text.
echo (ex. 02 would result in green text on a black background)
echo -----------------
echo Colors
echo -----------------
echo 0- Black
echo 1- Blue
echo 2- Green
echo 3- Aqua
echo 4- Red
echo 5- Purple
echo 6- Yellow
echo 7- White
echo 8- Grey
echo 9- Light Blue
echo A- Light Green
echo B- Light Aqua
echo C- Light Red
echo D- Light Purple
echo E- Light Yellow
echo F- Bright Wight
echo -----------------
set notspecified=
set /p notspecified=Choose Color:
color %notspecified%
goto mainmenu1

where it says :colorchange is making the whole area one part...

cls makes it clear the screen

all the echos tell the computer to display a message

the set tells it to create a string

goto tells it to goto a part of a batch file