Battery Powered Usb Charger




Introduction: Battery Powered Usb Charger

this usb charger will allow you to power your phone pic is proof .

first instructable comments and suggestions will help this is just a prototype a second will be made

Step 1: What You Will Need to Build the Usb Charger.

  • box (to hold the tech in)
  • A usb charger
  • wires
  • battery (9 volts or lithium ion batteries too)
  • Switch


  • Solar panel (or other power source)
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Leds

Step 2:

cut holes in the box to fit the usb charger use a knife to do this so it is strait make sure the cut is smooth the usb you are going to be fitting in this slot can be bought ,or made on this website.

Step 3:

put in the switch and battery hot glue them to the case carefully.

Step 4:

attach battery to switch with the wires attach only the positive part of the battery to one side of the switch to see if it works

Step 5:

attach the usb charger to the box somehow, I used hot glue you can use tape how to make the usb charge is at

my other instructable

Step 6:

attach wires to the usb charger you can use a led to it to if you want to

Step 7: Optional

to attach the solar panel by putting a diode on the negative output then put rechargeable batteries too leds can be put in as well.

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8 years ago on Introduction

I would suggest 2 things, a voltage regulator to help smooth power levels and a protection diode or fuse directly after the battery to protect your circuit and more importantly your phone. stay away from cheap chargers as they typically do not have the data pins shorted to each other which means phones will not charge at full speed. Cheep chargers will also not have filtering circuits.


8 years ago on Introduction

commands and suggestions?

1. every sentence should start with a uppercase letter.

2. Every sentence should end with a dot

3. (And don't forget about the closing bracet as well

4. The most important things for nice photos ist good lightning. And additio al lamp can make a huuuge difference.

5. Try to get a picture per step (in general) Sometimes it's not possible though, e.g. when the project is finished before you start the documentation

6. More information. Somtimes one sentence per step is enough, most times not. You didn't tell us anything about the charger at all, which makes it hard to understand whats going on.

And last but not least: Somebody posted something simmliar already, In fact there are tons of simmliar things out there. And I don't see any improvement. If the improvment is the special box (or any other simple thing which you don't suspect) tell us why.

I hope you like honest feedback, some guys don't seem to handle it very well. Unfortuatly. Because I realy support anyoune who chooses to join the community to help others. Welcome! Best wishes for your next instructable

bossboy 47
bossboy 47

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I am makeing a second instructable that has solar energy as a backup battery (lithium ion)and can be used as a flashlight. To make it more original.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Cool! I'm wating for it. :) But please don't rush good things take time


8 years ago

9v batteries are not a very good power source for such applications because of the low capacity.
But the idea is nice, maybe use a LiPo for this? Is somewhat bigger but also has much more capacity and is rechargeable ;)