Beautiful Easter Egg

Introduction: Beautiful Easter Egg

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Faux Eggs

Gold permanent marker


Crystal Katana


Step 2: Green Egg:

1. Create a scallop pattern with your gold pen going around the middle of the egg.

Step 3:

2. Glue down a rhinestone at each scallop corner.

Step 4: Pink Egg:

1. Take your gold pen and draw a line going around the egg. Under that line draw a scalloped pattern like the green egg design. In the loop draw stripes.

Step 5:

2. Glue down a rhinestone at each scallop corner.

Step 6: Blue Egg:

1. Take your gold pen an create a loop going vertical on each side of the egg.

Step 7:

2. Create a rhinestone pattern in the center of the egg. Mirror what you do on one side to the other sign.

Step 8:

beautiful easter eggs.

Step 9:

Egg Challenge

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    pal patel
    pal patel

    6 years ago

    thank you seamster.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    These eggs turned out very nice!

    That's a great idea to put the E6000 into a plastic syringe for precise work like that. Very clever!