Introduction: Best IPod Case Ever

You may think this is another iPod case instructable, but this iPod case is made out of an Altoids tin and has fabric in side so it wont get scratched. It also has a hole so you can listening to your iPod and it will still be in the case so if it falls nothing will happen to it, also when you are not using your ear buds and Pod there will fit in it.(this is my first instructable so hang in there) This iPod case works best if you have a iPod Nano or Shuffle PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN THE POCKET SIZED CONTEST also everyone is telling me that denim scratches it does not even touch the screen because there is space on top of the screen it just for the bottom and it does not scratch.

Step 1: You Will Need

- a drill
-an Altoids tin
-fabric (denim works best I used it for mine)
- crazy glue
- a pen or Sharpie
- 1/4 drill bit (or a drill bit that is a little bit bigger than the end of you ear buds)
-and an iPod and ear buds

Step 2: Your Ipod and Tin

when you are at the store and you are looking at the Altoids tin bring your iPod and see if it fits

Step 3: Stencil Time

it's a good idea to make a stencil for your fabric you make the stencil by tracing the out side of the tin(bottom and side) you got from the store. you need two of the bottom ,two lengths ,and two width

Step 4: Tracing

trace it on the fabric (in my case I use demin but I traced it on red so you can see) then cut it out.

Step 5: Time to Glue

see if the fabric fits,if it's two big then trim it when you are gluing put a lot of glue on the sides and corners then let dry.

Step 6: The Hole

With your 1/4" drill bit drill a hole where the hole of your iPod is on the top or bottom

Step 7: Optional

If you want to you want to you can burn the in sides of the hole.

Step 8: There You Go All Done

If you did everyhting right then it should look som thing like this

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