Introduction: Bicycle Tire Bracelet

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Did your bike tire pop? just found one at the dump? here is an instructable on how you can use that tire and make a "green" (black) bracelet.

Step 1: Tire

Obtain a bicycle tire somehow, steal our neighbors (don't recommend this) or find one.

Step 2: Strip the Tire.

take the tire off the axle and take out the inner tubing.

Step 3: Cut the Tubing Into a Strip

cut off the air lever thing and make a slit all the way down from that point until you have one loooonng strip.

Step 4: Marking

measure your wrist on the rubber and make a mark. add about 2 inches and cut there.

Step 5: Rectangle

to make a god rectangle, cut off and make the top and bottom straight lines as shown.

Step 6: More Strips

make 3 more strips. mark 3 even lines. i made my strip 3 inches across so i have a mark at each inch.

Step 7: Clamp

make 3 holes using the knife as shown in pics, then push something (bolt) through the holes to hold them 3 together. once held together, clamp or have someone hold that end. when clamped, begin to braid the ends really(!) tightly.

Step 8: More

braid until almost no tube is left. then make another hole.

Step 9: String

push a 1foot piece of string through the holes opposite from the bolt and tie tight. then wrap the string around that tube 3 times and tie again.

Step 10: Tie Again

go through the layers on the other side and wrap 3 times again. this time when done wrapping, tie to the other side to bring both ends together.

Thanks for viewing. hoped you liked it and try it.

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