Introduction: Bike Trailer

this is a cargo bike trailer for towing whatever and can be made on budget for like 10-20 dollars

parts needed
-metal pipe
-small bolts and skrews
-tub or cooler of some sort
-golf bag caddy (get them at thrift stores)

tools needed
-drill (drill press best)
-something to bend pipe(vice and two people work)

Step 1: Frame (golf Bag Caddy)

using a golf bag caddy as the axle/frame take the pipe and drilla hole thru it and the bag caddy and bolt them together. now bend the pipe to go around the back bike tire and to the chainstay (bottom pipe on tire fork for rear of bike). make sure it has room for you to make right turns with out hitting the tire.

Step 2: Hitch

drill a hole thru the pipe where it is going to attach to the bike.
if you are using a strap bolt it on by looping it,cutting hole, and leaving a little play in it for turning. if using rope just tie it thru the hole. then put the clip on and it can attack to your bike

- if it wont stay on you bike a pipeclamp and another clip work to give you an attachment point

Step 3: Tub/cooler Attachment

basicaly use skrews/bolt and attack any thing from plywood to coolers or like me acheap rubbermaid tub and then you can tow stuff to parties/work/store or like me and my brother, to the pool

Step 4: Towing

clip it to your bike and ride! dosent get the best points for style but as far as function and versatilty it takes gold.