Binding a Loose-Leaf Text Book

Introduction: Binding a Loose-Leaf Text Book

Buying college text books as loose-leaf can save you money but I hate the spiral binding plastic folder things because I tear pages out buy accident or the metal rings allow a page to pop-out, and they are too stiff.

Step 1: That Binder Thing I Hate Them.

Step 2:

these little aluminum fawners are great their profile is flat and they look clean. They attach with a flat head screw. Take care when putting the screw together as they can cross-thread easily. and place the flat-head slot up or take a file to the edges so that you run little risk of scratching a table.

In the hard wear store in the isle with nuts and screws these little fasteners are in a box names "Screen and Storm door fasteners" (fastener plus screw is $2.00 BUT!) but I found in an isle by the springs another stash under the title "screw posts" for .46 cents there are no notable differences.

squeeze your book take a measurement find a post that is close. if its too big the posts are aluminum they will file down with sand paper or cut with a fine tooth saw, grinder what-ever. or use a spacer like a washer or something.

the book would benefit from having a long, thin, stiff pice of metal along the three holes.

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