Black Pipe Shelf




Introduction: Black Pipe Shelf

About: about what?

needed storage so this is what I came up with

Step 1: First Off Acquire Some Black Pipe and Fittings From Your Local Hardware Store

I bought
4.. 10ft lengths of 1/2inch black pipe
3.. 1/2 in 45° fittings
9.. 1/2 in T's
15..1/2in hand rail ends
3.. 3/4inch x 12in x 12ft long pine board.
box of 1'1/2 screws
a pack of #8... 1' ribbed plastic anchors

Step 2: Measure 3 Times Cut Once! Then Weld

I need space in my newly almost completed attic. so I decided on using black pipe to make shelves and instead of buying precut lengths I decided to cut and weld it all together. this idea sucked because getting everything aligned, was a hassle but I figured it out.

basically I spaced the the shelves 16 inches apart and made them 24 inches deep

I left the threaded end at the bottom for minor adjustments when screwing to the wall, ceiling and floor

Step 3: Paint

I used rustolium metallic spray paint

Step 4: Wood

I cut the 12 ft boards in half then drilled pocket holes and glued and screwed them together to make them 24in x 6ft long. after the glue set I burnt the wood to darken it then I stained it with dark stain

Step 5: Installed

Step 6: Storage Compartments

I bought 2 wooden crates from home depot and stained and charred the wood to match then coated them as well as the shelves with some polycrylic... then installed them with drawer slides.

I know they aren't designed to be used this way but it works for now so until it fails I'm keeping it this way.
also i put a substantial amount of weight in the crates to see how the drawer slides would react and they didn't have a problem and still moved freely

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    7 years ago

    Burn and Stain looks great!