Introduction: Bleaching Powder Battery

Its a simple homemade battery costs around .92$

Step 1: Materials

500g of ordinary chlorax bleach
Tap water
×1 clip cable
×10 50ml small container's
×10 aluminum strips
×10 copper strips
multiple voltametre

Step 2: Cells Construction

Take a knife , make two slits , beware make one small and make one bit large and make a small hole using shouldering iron for drain hole.

Step 3: Electrodes

Fit the aluminium strip to the large slit and copper to small slit.

ALUMINUM - cathode

COPPER + anode

Step 4: Filling Electrolyte

Take one container, fill water until it reaches top, later add a spoon of chloride bleach, stirred it well until it dissolve.

Step 5: Testing Cell

Have a look, each cell produces around 1.35v to 1.45v.

Step 6: Connecting All Cells

Now, I have connected all cells together, it produces 14.30v to around 15v max so I can easily connect to my home theater.
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