Introduction: Blowgun Dart

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i have seen a lot of awesome things and this is one of the top twenty. a blowdart made out of many house hold items that can fly far enough to inmpress most blowgunners. if you are interested you will need the following
-a straw
-a rubber band
-a 1/2 inch diameter blowpipe
-(2 1/2 inch long,16 gauge brads)2 for one dart 

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

the worst step:gathering the supplies. if you have a brother and he owes you one here is a good chance to use that favor make him get the brads. now get the supplies and go to the next step.

Step 2: First Step

first cut the straw in half then take the half without the bend in it and put a dap of hot glue into the end.  when you are finished  continue into the next step.

Step 3: Taping the Brads

Step 4: Putting on the "feathers"

Do you know how arrows have feathers? these are the blowdarts feathers and they make the blowdart go a lot further. first gather some of the yarn in your line it up so it all poits one way then rubber band equal amounts around it so it will form a seal in the barrel of your blowgun. finally test it if it has to much it will get stuck in the barrel and you will nedd to remove it and take out some of the yarn.

Step 5: Clarifications

now this blowdart will only work witha 1/2 pvc pipe as a blowgun and the length depens on your breath amount if you have a large breath then you will have a long blow gun if you have a small breath you should have a shorter blowgun.