Introduction: Rainbow Fire

ok hey um im gonna show you how to make blue fire!!!

well to start off you need:

1.5 or so matches
2.sparklers that turn blue when lit{you can use normal ones just for fun, wont be blue though} super vision,unless you are asking to get burnt

thick paper
thin cardboard
diferent colored sparkelers

Step 1: Matches!

ok so get the matches and cut the heads off like so.

then grind then up with knife or somin till made into a fine powder

Step 2: ***Blue***

now take th sparkler and break it up into little pieces

it will flre more when finely powdered

Step 3: Combine

now combine the two and light.

I AM NOT liable/responsible for anything you do with this illegaly

Step 4: Test

heres a video of it in action caution it gets hot!

the smoke is the paper burning

Step 5: Colors

ok so now im going to tell you how to make you're flames cooler! now take you're blue powder and what not and get a whole bunch of different colored powder now this is important to make it gradually change collors take thin cardboard or thick paper{very smoky with paper} and wrap the different layers as shown. by gradualy i mean some what fast. you should also tear the paper into a small strip. fold down the middle.

Step 6: Fold-N-Roll

once folded roll into tubelike shape. fold and tape any open ends shut.

Step 7: Add the Powder

now add the blue powder. roll the tube up about half way. now add the red powder or what ever collor you have. roll the rest of the way and tape. youre final design should look like this

Step 8: Light

here is the final product , i had fun making it and i hope you do to.its kinda flamyish after it burns out so be carefull, and once again im not responsible for what you do. have fun