Introduction: Boat

To start off, don't put this in water. If you really want to though, please don't use the electronic parts. This is mainly meant for play. First get your materials. You will want: lots of popsicle sticks (50-100), lots of hot melt glue(10-20 sticks), something to poke holes with(whatever works).The optional electronics part requires: a button, several alligator clips, a battery pack with 2 AA batteries, a smaller battery, two motors, and a buzzer. Steps with ** around them involve the circuits. Wire clippers also may come in handy.

Step 1: Material Prep

First, I would advise warming your hot glue gun up as it may take a while. *First take two popsicle sticks and put a small hole in the center of each. *The hole should fit snuggly on the motors. *Next, put the AA batteries in the pack. *Put a dab of hot glue on each motor after putting the popsicle sticks on the motors.

Step 2: Build the Boat

Overlap the popsicle sticks and hot glue them together. It be around 8 or 7 popsicle sticks long. Make eight of them. Take two of them and connect them strait together(unlike the picture above), this will be your roof. Next, (like the picture above) connect two plates at about a 135 angle. Make two of these and connect them at a slight angle so you have a kind of curved hull.

Step 3: *Attach Electronics

If you are not using electronics, then skip this step.

First, take the buzzer and attach one end to the battery and one end to an alligator clip. Next, attach that same alligator clip to the button/switch and another that leads to the buzzer. (If it doesn't work, make sure both the clips aren't touching) Finally, take one last alligator clip and connect the buzzer to the battery. For the motors attach one wire from each to one one alligator clip. Then, do the same thing to the other. Adjust them until both motors work at the same time (or just get two battery boxes). I would advise taping them to the top.

Step 4: Build the Side

Do this twice:

Lay down a popsicle stick and connect two platforms around it. Next, put a popsicle stick on top and glue it all together. Finally, put two connected sets of two popsicle at the bottom. Then glue it to a side.

Step 5: AYD


(Or if you want it to float, seal the cracks)