Introduction: Bomb Clock

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This was a run of the mill clock with a radio and its now a cool looking bomb clock. I will show you how I did it for almost free because its all recycled stuff. You don't have to buy a thing just look in the trash, be a green decorator. It could also be used as a wedding cake topper if your into crime or bombs, the bride and groom topper could look like James Bond characters and be running away from a explosion and the cake could look like an explosion just a thought. DO NOT make a real bomb!

What you will need

1.cardboard, toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, or old beer boxes.
2.razor blade
3.screw drivers
4.old wires
5.old electronic parts
6.electrical tape
7.sand paper

Step 1: Pick a Clock

This step is all you. pick the clock to take apart and if your not so good at the taking apart you might want to pick a clock you don't like so much. I myself picked my everyday clock, it is advisable to pick a digital clock it looks best by far. You could use a normal hand clock but it won't work well or look cool I tried it, don't kill your time.

Step 2: Dynamite BOOM

Now you can make the Booming part don't use real explosives make a replica . Think dynamite or C4, I picked dynamite but you could make C4 out of white play doh. For dynamite you can cut paper towel rolls and roll them tight but I used old beer boxes cut squares out and rolled them. After you have them rolled, tape it in three spots to hold them in place. When you cut the 3 sticks run water over them and sand them for a "real" look let dry, roll, then tape. Now you can use clay or paper to fill the holes at the end and stick in some wire to look like fuses.

Step 3: Set Up

Now you have 3 dynamite sticks tape them together in a triangle shape. When the clock is apart tape the clock to it and you have done it. Your a real bomb maker, good job your friends will have to call the bomb squad when they see this clock

plug it in plug it in..........your done

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