Introduction: Bristle Bot

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make a cool bristle bot what you need:
-tape -cardboard
-a bristle
-a motor (from a old printer)
-a 9 volt battery
-a battery clip

Step 1: The Body

what you need for the body.
.carboard piece
.the bristle

you take the cardboard and you fold it on the bristle.
than you yust glu it together.

Step 2: The Motor

whem you have the motor then you only have to solder a iron wire on.
this ensures whan you turn the motor it will vibrate.
then you take the battary clip and solder it on the motor than you can later put it on the battary.

Step 3: Put Il All Together

the only thing what you have to do is.
that you put the motor on the front and the batery on the bag.
and tape it when you put the batery clip on the batery the motor whil start running and your bot will work.

when you have made the bristle bot I like to see it in a comment

have fun

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