Introduction: Bunduk Disc Launcher

yet again since bunduk won't post it i have finally made it through the pics of it he provided and i have also added a few mods to increase the strength of the gun

cauition the more powerful the rubber bands the higher chance the discs may fly of without pulling the trigger

Step 1: Frame

first build this frame

Step 2: Handle

build the handle

Step 3: Trigger/launcher

make the trigger and launcher

Step 4: Disc Rod Support

this will partailly reduce the amount of force on the rod the holds the discs

Step 5: Rb Holder Lock

this will lock the rubber band holder

Step 6: Rb Holder

this will hold the rubber bands on

Step 7: Attach the Disc Rod Support

Step 8: Attach the Launcher and Trigger

Step 9: Attach Handle and Rb Holder With Rb Holder Lock On

Step 10: Load and Have Fun

but also be careful