Introduction: Camper Van Table

removable table for T4 VW camper van project

Step 1: Size It Up & Cut

Now I don't have a picture of before. but this the very technical method we used to decided how big we wanted the table.
First we had already acquired the base and stand so we put the stand roughly where we wanted it, took the blue fold up table you can see in the Pic as a size guide. the width was good, but needed more length so took a tape measure ( yes, I know not like me!) and did a rough length.
Luckily for my the piece of chip board we had purchase was already the same width so all I needed to do was cut it to length.

I wanted the corners to be rounded off so I took a circle object, roll of tape lines it up with the sides and drew the round corners. this was cut off with a plaster board saw thing, then sanded down all the edges and took the sharpness off all the corners too.

Step 2: Cover and Finish

After all the sawing and sanding give the piece a brush down and a wipe with a damp cloth to pick up all the loose bits.


We purchased this black plastic sticky wrap stuff from wilkos. you can get it in all kinds of flavours. stone effect, wood, marble jelly bean etc etc.

roll out and cut leaving plenty to wrap around the edges, you may need to roll it back on itself to stop it curling up all the time.

pick the middle, now carefully just cut the backing paper across the width, so you can peel off half at a time and start from the middle to push out any air bubbles. line up the sheet on the board and start to peel off one half, using a credit card push out any air bubbles. do the same for the other side.
like wrapping a present the corners here are tricky.

Tip: for the round edges cut triangle out so there is less material when you fold it under.

* I haven't taken as many photos to explain the process as I should of. I will try and get some more.