Introduction: Candied Bacon

making candied bacon

Step 1: Get a Pork Belly

get a pork belly from your local butcher

Step 2: Remove Skin, Cut Into Manageable Size

carefully remove skin and cut into manageable size for curing

Step 3: Cure It

I like to do 5lbs, 50/50 blend of sugar and salt 1t cayenne

Step 4: Smoke It!!

After curing 5 days rinse salt cure off. hang and smoke for 4hrs. should reach an internal temp of 140 hold for 30min

Step 5: Slice It,

you just made bacon!!!! slice it thick and arrange on racks or sheet pan. I prefer to finish in hot smoker but a 400 degree oven works too

Step 6: Baste With Simple Syrup

every 8-10 min brush with simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water brought to a boil) as the syrup is baking it will start to brown Andale a candy coating. when done in smoker it gets A lot more smoky goodness

Step 7: Enjoy, the Tasty Meat Candy

After repeating the process 1 more time ( about 15mins in oven) let sit at room temp for about 5min, once cool eat the awesomeness. CAUTION do not eat straight from oven the sugar is molten at this point if you try eat it hot it will burn like napalm!!!