Introduction: Car Locator Decals

I have a little black car. And so do many other people. I am not really a car person, so I often have a hard time finding my car alongside the other black cars in the parking lot. I took the vinyl cutter class at the Tech Shop and decided I could have fun making a sticker unlike any other - so I could find my car.

Step 1:

I chose a design I hoped would be unusual enough to be easy to spot. I chose the sun from the 'weather' section of Corel Draw Clip Art program. I also chose bright pink to stand out. The Tech Shop has a nice selection of colors, but when I pointed out they had no pink - they kindly ordered it in.

Step 2:

Following what I had learned at the Tech Shop I started the computer; put in my flash drive with my file saved; went through the steps in order to plot and cut and had my bit of sunshine cut.

Step 3:

I removed the excess, and the center circle thinking that would make it even easier to spot. I then coverd the sun with adhesive tape to hold those spiked rays in place.  

Step 4:

I decided to set them on the back corners of the passenger windows in the back seat. This way they wouldn't hinder the passengers' view, but they would still be visible while I scanned the rows looking for my car. I used a squeegee to put them on the cleaned windows.

Step 5:

I should be able to find my car since these stand out and are unique.