Introduction: Cardboard CD Case

in this instructable i will be showing you how to recycle a cracker box into a usefull cd case

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Step 1: Materials

here is what you need:
1: workspace
2: utility knife
3: plastic CD case
4: CD
5: cardboard ( like from a cracker box cereal box or possibly poster board)
6: Brass Fasteners ( Brads)
7: tape ( duct tape, clear tape, masking tape, any will work)
6: pen/pencil ( optional)

Step 2: Part One

open your cardboard box so it can lay flat, you utility knife will help you here.

*does not apply to posterboard

Step 3: Next Step

open your plastic cd case and place it onto the unfolded cardboard box

*note if prefered, trace the cd case but this is not needed*

Step 4: Cutting

grab your utility knife and cut around the cd case, or if you have traced cut along the traced line.

Step 5: Result of Cutting....

after cutting you should have a piece of cardboard about the size of an open cd case, it will be a little bit larger ( than open cd case) but dont worry it will have a purpose.

recycle the extra cardboard

Step 6: Next Step

in this step you will perferate two lines along the center of the cardboard ( similar to the hinges of the plastic cd case ( if cut right the side of the case ( the black part) can be used as a guide)))

this step may be a little confusing

Step 7: Almost Done

puncture a hole in the center of the cardboard case ( a brass thingy will go in here) make sure you make another directly across from it.

Step 8: Brass Thingy

take one brass thing and place it into the hole you just cut

Step 9: Falling Prevention

stick some tape on the end

Step 10: Using the Case

place your cd onto the end of the brass thingy

Step 11: Closing

to close the case fold the cover over and make sure the end of the brass thing goes into the hole. when closed fan out the brass thing so it wont open

Step 12: And There You Have It

congradulations you have made a paper cd case!  it can be drawn on and labled pretty nicely.