Introduction: Cargo Bike Ke

Bought an old bike :-)

Step 1: Step 1

Moje první foto, nákladní kolo 110cm x 75cm.

Step 2: Steel

Yesterday the purchase of steel for cargo space 110cm x 75cm. Steel 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm a 3,5 cm x 7 cm.

Step 3:

Step 4: Wood Help

Dřevěná deska pomůže k lepšímu středu celý rámeček. Aby se zabránilo šikmo.

Step 5: 1 Piece

V současné době, pevně svařeny, se začíná objevovat.

Step 6: Black Color

Change the color of multi color to black. Meanwhile fenders.

Step 7: New Bike

New bike (actually old) with beige tires:-) super. He is not.

Step 8: Brace

Stry welded brace between the frame and the new beam. Taken into powder coating.

Step 9: Pivot

Pivot for cargo space

Step 10: Powder Coating (gloss Black)

Pick up from powder coating.

Step 11: Installation Back

refit: fender, pedal center + lever, rear emergency brake:-) centered rear wheel bearing exchanged. The next step will be tailored guidance for the derailleur. A pivot welding.

Step 12: Today Pivot

After dles time I was a bit further.

Today I welded the pivot to rotate the cargo. Even the wheels and we can go on trial driveability.

Step 13: The First Test Drive :-(

The first test drive, did not fare well. I dealt with a large load on the front wheels, but I left the back as it was. Standard aluminum rim, the first big turn and wheel cone. I already have a new steel rim ordered stainless steel wire 2.3 mm. So I wait.

Step 14: Cargo Skeleton + Rear Wires

It seemed everything rim wires and charge. Centered, while I struggled because the rim is wider than the original, but is fitted. Hub Shimano Nexus 7:-) with back-pedal brake. The second run was already a success and everything is ok. Also, the complete skeleton of cargo space. Now working with wood, technical equipment such as batteries and inverter, setting the coffee maker and it remains to hit the streets. :-)

26.4. Today, the test with his wife as a load in the cargo hold. 70 kg load without any problems, including curves:-)

Step 15:

Load test of about 200 kg, and wood paneling.

Step 16: Finish

Painted glaze, and Resolved :-)