Introduction: Build a Cargo Bike.

i´m sorry, i don´t know to write english.I'll try to translate with a translator. I want to thank Mr. carkat. thanks.he helped me.the drawer is smaller by a matter of site

Step 1: Frame

bicycle parts and stainless steel straight pipe

Step 2: Pre-assembly

Stainless steel handle with adjustable height and everything ready to paint with epoxy paint

Step 3: Mounting

hydraulic damper of yamaha r6.Use it to harden the direction

Step 4: Brake

It was a simple brake lever.all the wires inside the handlebar

Step 5: Accessories

Support of drink made with rubber.
An electrical stamp turned into a manual stamp

Step 6: Mudguard

Front mudguard of aluminium.Back mudguard of wood.
picture 4.the bike leans to the turn

Step 7: Accessories and Protective Canopy

Purse for tools fact of wood and leather.Leather Bar Tape and saddle
lining leather
picture 3.The curious name of mapa:the booth (el cajon).
picture 6.all cables are hidden inside the handle.
picture 7.inside the crate i put a pad for dog.

Step 8: Over and to Enjoy

The truth is it takes quite a lot of space if it's inside a flat.ready to go shopping ¡¡¡¡
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