Cat/small Dog Bed




Introduction: Cat/small Dog Bed

This is a dog/cat bed.

Step 1:

What you need,
2 old wooden picture frames
scissors material
4 pieces of wood
staple gun

Step 2: Creating the Bootom

Take one of the picture frames and screw the 4 pieces of wood into the corners

Step 3:

screw the top onto the 4 pieces

Step 4:

cut some material to create the bed curtains and staple them on with a staple gun

Step 5:

to create the cushion
you can use a normal cushion or make one
to make one take a square of material staple one side to the bottom frame then wrap it around underneath and staple it insert an old folded piece of material through the gap on the side then staple it shut.

Step 6: Finishing

to finish off add some curtain ties using some off cut material

Step 7:

cut some more material to cover the top of the frame
staple that on to

Step 8:

finished you can add any decorations you want
I found an idea on the Internet of a cat bed made from an upside down table which is where I got the inspiration from so I found some frames and made it up and it worked to make it more useful you can add a top to it with some material and staple this Dow I did this after the pictures were take I used some see through purple netty purple material

Step 9:

This is the bed with the updated roof

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    5 years ago

    Hi, Do you know what breed your dog is? We have one that looks exactly the same.


    Reply 8 years ago

    Yes milly hehe in it u cus of yr name romulus