Introduction: Chain Whip, Cassette Removing Tool

this is an easy way to make a chain whip and save a few quid

and its my first instructable so dont be too harsh

incase you dont know what a chain whip is, its a tool used to remove mountain bike casetts and usualy costs around £10

Step 1: Materals

to make this you will need:

hammer (which i forgot to add in the picture)
small lengh of chain (mtb not bmx single speed)
link splitter
small off-cut of flat metal about 500mm long (i used aluminium)

sorry the pics on its side :S

Step 2: The Handle

first cut the metal down to about 500mm and round the edges at the bottem simpily drill two small holes abut 40mm away from each over and quite close to the edge

Step 3: Splitting the Chain to Lengh

split the chain to about 600mm long using a link splitter or a hacksaw

also split a link about 5 links down but not all the way trough (so the pin is still in the link)do this to the first one aswell

Step 4: Joining the Two Together

to join the handle to the chain simpily join the first 5 links to the first two holes and then the longer piece of chain from the second hole

to push the pins back into the links use a vice

Step 5: Finish !!

and thats about it

here you have a chain whip that can be used to remove mtb cassettes

i added some tape to the handle because im cool like that :D

feel free to ask questions