Introduction: Change Filters in RO System

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In today's world every home needs a water purifier system installed
and these purifiers need their filters change after every few months
in this tutorial I will teach you how to change filters in RO purifiers

things needed :
a micron filter
a opener (use it if the holder is tightly closed otherwise use your hands)
of course a Ro(reverse osomosis) purifier

Step 1: Take Purifier Down

take your filter holder down which is to be changed

Step 2: Get a Filter

get a new filter
with a Ro system you get 5 filters free use one of them
or if u have lost or used them up before u can buy a new one from market
it is easily available from Ro retailer for about INR RS.50

Step 3: Save Water

remove plug of your purifier to turn it off and turn off the water valve to stop further inflow of water i.e. when u open the holder water won't come out and you will not get wet

note: do not neglect this step otherwise your whole kitchen will fill out of water

Step 4: Removal

open the holder and take out old filter and throw in dustbin

Note: opening the holder can be quite easy (as my was) or it can be difficult to open
it has right screw winding which can be opened by hands or you may use a tool as shown in the picture fix this tool around the holder and turn rightwards

Step 5: Add New Filter

wash the holder properly to remove all the dirt collected in it
u don't need to use soap or anything simple wash it with water and put the new micron filter u bought in it

Step 6: Tight It Back

tight back your holder again and keep it in its place

Step 7: Finishing

take the leftover water out of the filter so that new purified water do not mix with the old water
please do not waste the removed water. use it for watering plants, washing clothes etc.

once the filter is all empty turn on the water valve again and plug it in again
and you are ready...