Introduction: Change the Battery of an Suunto Octopus 2

The suunto octopus 2 dive computer is an older model dive computer, but for a new diver like me it was cheap, did the job just fine and... low on battery.

On the web you can find those computers for a reasonable price, they are already out of warranty so you don't really have a lot to loose.

keep in mind: by changing the battery yourself the warranty of suunto gets lost, so always make sure there is a backup, or onlu use this computer as a backup, there is always a chance that a drop of water spoils your hard work...

Step 1: What You Need

- off course you'll need your dive computer, in this case an suunto octopus 2

- a new battery, for this computer it's a 1/2 AA battery, 3 or 3.6V. You can find them on internet on different places. I found mine in a local shop.

- some grease / lube, ideal for technology purposes

- when needed: a new O-ring, but sometimes the old ring is still fine. that O-ring is often for sale toghether with the battery.

- a small cross-screwdriver

- a small flat screwdriver

Step 2: Open the Computer

On the back of the computer are four little screws, at least one will be covered with red paint. The red paint is used by suunto dealers to be sure it wasn't openend. Once you remove the paint and opens the computer, suunto is not responsible (neither am i, as i said, use it as a backup computer)

Ok, after removing the paint loose the four screws and take the black cap of.

Your coputer should look like this.

Step 3: Remove the Lid

carefully remove the lid, try it with your nails, only when it's not possible use the flat screwdriver.

If you don't have a spare o-ring be very carefull, u don't want to mess up the good o-ring.

When it looks like the o-ring is damaged, order a new one!

Step 4: Insert Battery

My battery had 2 extra soldering lids, If yours has them too just carefully remove them, you don't need those.

insert the battery

Put a little grease/lube on the o-ring, this is the tricky part... The ring wont go in very easy, so a little grease can help you out.

Make sure the o-ring is in place when putting the lid back on.

and now.... just reapeat every step in the opposite direction, just don't use the red paint, you are nog a suunto dealer :-)