Introduction: Change Ur Life, Change Earphones on Ur Handset

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Like me, u don't like have rigid earphones but u don't want poor a ton of bucks in new handset ? This tutorial is for u.

wait dude(ss)

Before start anything, i must tell u, u'll may have some sound troubles if u use an other handset for do that instead of the supplied with ur phone. Sometimes, the pinout will let appear that one of both audio channels is switched with the handset key. So if u got sound correctly on both ears, it will work. If not, buy a adapter. Now be careful, we start to play...

Step 1: Recipe for Cooking a Delicious Homemade Custom Handset

Did u got all we need ? Not sure ? 'K so U'll need: used earphones n handset, soldering iron n soldering wire, clamp (illustrated later), glue stick gun n, of course, glue stick. One stick is widely enough.

Step 2: Turkey Is Cooked

Start by turn on ur iron. If it's like mine without any switch, just plug it for start it. If it smoke when u put a bit of soldering wire on iron, it means one thing: dinner is cooked

Step 3: Demolition Man(ual)

While ur soldering iron heat, start by disassemble earphones one by one, left with left, right with right, not like me, i've disassemble all in one time. Don't forget to undo wire node in every earphone.

Step 4: Tiny Tasks

What ? Is the turkey cooked ? Nice, now we can unsold the wires of earphones n replace it. If necessary, use clamp for hold earphone, as for soldering than for unsoldering

Step 5: Big (results)

Once u've soldered ur first earphone, wait that it cool then check the wiring by listening music/radio. If sound is good, u're done successfully, if not, ur done unsuccessfully n u must switch each wire with other.

Step 6: Now , What Can U Do With...

Two unsoldered earphones ? Earings ? As u wish

Step 7: "oh Oh Oh, I Use My Stick Gun"

As u guess, i've a bit hack what does said John McClane played by Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Now we'll use glue stick gun with stick for avoid to broke the fragiles solderings. Mine got some white particles 'cause i've used for melting a plastic which not supported to be heated so hot. Anyway, now u've got a customized-ready-to-use-n-all-what-u-want-awesome-stuffhandset. Enjoy

Step 8: Who Want More Turkey ?

An other step ? More an electronic pro tip. If u got dead computer PSU, empty-it n use it for let iron cooling n avoid burn/accidents