Introduction: RGB Led Spinner

i made this a while back, pretty easy, but looks great!

parts used
12V motor
pieces of protoboard
can of some sort
2 RGB changing LEDs (the ones with 2 pins)
some wire
2 switches
9V battery + clip
3V coincell

video uploaded:

please note in the vid:
the camera isnt that great, so the flashing you see halfway through isnt really there
also, it isnt perfectly balanced (wich is near-impossible for DIY) so it's vibrating around a bit (vibrobot function!)
and becouse it's quite a short movie, you don't actually see all the different colours this baby makes. inside the LED's is a very tiny cicuit that makes the LED change colours, but theyr tiny and cheap, so not that accurate.
that way, the 1st LED will change colours after 1 second, and the other after 1.05 seconds (not actual times!) making the colours get really different after time (+5 minutes) and adding to the effect!

possible improvements;

-more leds
-drive it all from the 9V battery (slip contacts)
-balance it better