Introduction: Cheap DIY Robot Hand Shadow Kit - Robot That Shadows the Movement of Your Hand

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Hello fellow roboteurs  I just wanted to show you guys an awesome robot kit, the kit once finished mimics the movement of your hand you put on a glove and watch the robot move the exact fingers you are moving at the exact angle to. You get all the electronics the servos, sensors, and the main board which controls everything. The only things you need are a soldering iron, and a glove. The cool thing about the kit is that you make the actual robot hand with fingers by yourself: you could make it with metal, you could make it with laser cut acrylic, or you could make it with pipe (I made mine with pipe). The best thing about the kit is the price a $100, which is very cheap since if you were to make it without the kit: the flex sensors for the glove are $13 each and you need 5 (5 x $13 = $65) , an arduino is $30, and the servo motors are $3.5 (cheapest I could find) for each finger that means $3.5 x 5 = $17.5. That is a total of 112.5 dollars excluding stuff like breadboard, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, and wire. An advantage of the kit is that all the electronics fit in a small PCB so it looks very neat compared to a big breadboard and a arduino side by side.
I uploaded the instructions here so you can take a look and see how easy it is.

Here is a video of my robot

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IF enough people buy it I will soon be able to make a kit for a wireless version with ready made PCB's so it can be super simple.
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