Introduction: Cheap and Easy Bluetooth Ammo Can Speakers

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this is my ammo can speaker. it has Bluetooth and sounds pretty good. very easy to make.

Step 1: Backstory

this is actually my second ammo can speaker (well, in the same ammo can)
above are pictures of the previous amp and speakers I used. the amp came out of an HMDX hangtime Bluetooth speaker and I would highly recommend using it as it had great quality and was very loud. the only reason I wasn't using it is because towards the end of its life the charging port snapped off so I had to add a whole other amp just to charge the battery. the speaker I don't know anything about. it came from my cousin and it had very good sound. Im not using it because I made the very bad mistake of using hot glue and when I dropped the "indestructable ammo can speaker" the hot glue that was on the speaker itself ripped the speaker. more about that later.

Step 2: Materials


ammo can of your choice. I used a .30 cal ammo can because I wanted it more portable. get them surplus there a lot cheaper. you could probably fit 2 4" speakers in a .50 cal ammo can.

4" speakers of your choice. I got the cheapest ones I could find ($12 for two!) but I would spend a little more for higher quality if I could. mine are the boss extreme 4" 8ohm speakers from amazon.

any small Bluetooth speaker. I don't even know what kind mine is. you don't have to spend more than $25 to get a decent one as long as its loud, connects to your phone, and sounds good it will work. every Bluetooth speaker is diffrent so choose one that is easy to use.

your miscellaneous circuitry tools. soldering iron and solder (altho you could tie the wires together and bootleg it but solder is a lot better.) wire cutters, wire etc.

Step 3: Cut the Holes for Your Speakers.

due to me making this instructable after the completion of this project I don't have any pictures of this so use your imagination. cut a hole in your ammo can however you can. I used a hole-saw on a drill press. mark were you want the speakers and cut the holes.

Step 4: Disassemble Your Bluetooth Speaker.

you should see something like this. a 3.7v battery and a place were the speakers are connected. disconnect the speakers and move to the next step.

Step 5: Connect the Bigger Speaker

pay attention this part may be very confusing to some viewers. connect the big speakers the same exact way the small speakers were connected. most speakers have + and - labeled so this is pretty easy.

Step 6: Mount It All In

most speakers have a plate on them for screws. now do NOT use hot glue on the speakers because it will sound fine but it wont look good and that's what killed the last speaker. it will be a lot more sturdy and better looking if you just screw it in. I know how tempting that hot glue gun is especially if you have an industrial one like me but its not worth it. mark and drill the holes for your screws and SCREW THEM IN. just making that clear.

Step 7: Tweak for Personal Use

I drilled a hole so I can charge the Bluetooth amp without keeping it open. make the adjustments you want and your done.