Introduction: Cheap,easy to Bulid Portable Work Bench

here is a project me and my dad made I think this is a pretty cool idea, when I showed him he said he would love to help, please let me know if you like it

Step 1: Drawing Design

this design is drawn on graph paper in my design each block= 1 inch

Step 2: Buy Your Materials

I went to Lowes and bought two 2x4x8 and to keep it cheap I bought two pieces of plywood that where 2x4x2 the plywood will be for the bases,sides, and Worktops the 2x4x8 are for the main structure.
this project only cost me $15.00

Step 3: Cut You Wood to Correct Lenght

you will need around six 1foot pieces out of each of the two 2x4x8. then you will need to cut one of your pieces of plywood in half on side of the 2 foot plywood pieces you cut out of the 2x4x4 plywood will be for the front you will need to cut a square in BOTH 2 foot pieces of plywood that's 12"x10" in one of the corners for where your shelves will go.

Step 4: Final Assembly and Paint

you will obviously need a Drill and do not have to add wheels but I did this should not take over 2 hours to make!!!and the paint

Step 5: Add Shelves to Top

here is a few pics of the shelfs I'm made. I left the biggest space on the bottom open for bigger tools!! the top is for like screwdrivers, hand saws,ect.

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