Introduction: Cheap and Simple Foot-pedal Keyboard

This is a simple foot-pedal keyboard I've put together resonantly.
The paddles control one of the keys 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
I was inspired for this build by MAKEmagazine ( where they build a google reader pedal.
My build is very similar to that of MAKE except I used five pedals and I made them myself.
The pedals and base are made from some scrap wood. The hinges are made from strips of fabric glued to the base and pedal. 
The electronics in this project are also very simple, they consist out of a cheap USB keyboard (3,57 euros), five small switches (which where free very important!) and a few wire (also free!).
The hardest part  in this build was probably finding the right combination of contacts. I've tried every combination possible and put them in excel. So whenever I want to use other keys I know where to find them.

thank you for reading I hope I've inspired you