Cheap Bluetooth Audio Mod

Introduction: Cheap Bluetooth Audio Mod

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I purchased these hype bluetooth speaker at frys electronic for $5 and I knew they will have poor quality. I saw the potential in these speakers and therefore I decided to make my old portable non bluetooth speaker wireless.

Step 1: Required One 3.5mm Head Phone Cable and a Solder Iron With Just Solder Two Simple Points.

Solder two wires from the speaker of the bluetooth marked red and black. Black is the ground and red is either the left or right channel of the speaker. Sorry I don't have the actually close up pictures but when I do have the chance I will upload it.

Step 2: The Final Product Is Dual Speakers and Wireless Audio for My Old Car

Some improvement that I could have done is put some filters on the audio jack out from the bluetooth because there are some buzzing noises and the audio from both speakers are not symmetrical (not even )

Step 3:

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