Introduction: Cheap & Easy Airbrush Paint Jars

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 I recently got into airbrushing it took forever to do one because I had to clean it and the jar every time I switched colors because I only had one paint jar I went to the local art store and they wanted 8 bucks each I said there has to be a cheaper way (basically because I’m frugal…My wife says cheap) This is how I got 5 jars for 5 Bucks! heres how

Step 1: Things You Need

1. A clean baby food Jar with lid
2. vinyl plumers tape
3.A screw
4. A hammer
5.some  vinyl tubing
( I took my airbrush into the store and bought the size that fit it. )
sorry I didn't get the size but if you do it this way you know it will fit

Step 2:

Take the lid off the jar and using the screw punch a hole in the center ( make sure the srew is smaller than the tubing) after that punch a second hole near the side of the lid. The second hole does't have to be as big as the first just enough to let air in... without this hole the paint won't flow properly.Now push the tubbing into the center hole so it will touch the bottom of the jar when the lid is placed on and leave about 1 inch out the top.  I had to wobble the screw around a little on the center hole so the tubing would fit snugly in but was still tight  enough to hold the full wieght of the jar plus paint .

Step 3:

Next take the plumming tape and go 1 time around the threads of the jar (this makes the lid fit tighter so it is less likely to lose it while painting)

Step 4:

Now using a sharp knife or a razor blade taper the end of the tubing that will go into the airbrush ( this make it much easier to put in the hole on the bottom of the airbrush.)

Step 5: Final Products

these are 4 homemade jars and one store bought the plastic one is a spice jar...why not.
the differance between homemade and store bought...about 7 bucks!
have fun and be inventive!

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