Introduction: Cheap Solar Car for a Kid

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ok so the first thing you need to do is get all the things you need a small plank of balsa wood, a 2 volt motor, 2 small hollow rods that you can cut, a bunch of wires, some wire clips, a non hollow rod that a small gear can go around all so a small gear and a nether one that the can go on the motor, some thing to prop up the panels on the car and 2 solar panels and tape and some thing to make in to wheels legos are good for this 

Step 1:

next take you wood and attach the two hollow rods to the plank

Step 2:

then you put in the rods then put on the  wheels but befor you put on the for the back.

Step 3:

fist you should soter on some wires to the solar panels

Step 4:

then you put on to a the rod a gear then put on the wheels.

Step 5:

next hot gun the motor to the to he wood and put a gear on the motor have the gear go straitly on to the other gear 

Step 6:

 take the solar panels and prop them up with what ever  make it so the sun will be on it for as long as it can 

Step 7:

then put the wires in there clips like this (+ +)  (- -) the atake those to the motors prongs 

then let it fly so to speak