Introduction: Chicken Fried Steak Cheezit Style

This is a dish I thought up to get my children to eat cube or minute steaks. My wife perfected this recipe It's a spin on the chicken fried steak. The recipe as described below will make 6-8 medium sized steaks. Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Step 1: Ingredients

For this instructable you will need : 1 box (12.4 oz) cheez its
                                                                6 eggs
                                                                3/4 cup milk 
                                                                1 1/2 cups potato flakes
                                                                salt and pepper to taste
                                                                cooking oil
                                                                2 Tbs garlic powder
                                                                2 Tbs old bay seasoning
                                                                6 - 8 medium cube steaks
                                                                1 gallon size ziplock bag (optional) or food processor

Step 2: Make the Breading

First thing you need to do is get your breading ready. I prefer to use a Ziploc bag and rolling pin to pulverize the cheez its but you can use a food processor if its more convenient. You will want to work the crackers into a fine consistency, if its too coarse the breading will fall off of your steaks during the cooking process. Once you have the crackers done you will add 1 1/2 cups potato flakes, 1Tbs of garlic powder and 1 Tbs of old bay seasoning and mix the breading well. At this time I add a small amount of salt and pepper to the mix as well.

Step 3: The Egg Wash

Add 6 large eggs to a shallow dish with 3/4 cup milk, add your additional 1 Tbs of garlic powder and old bay seasoning and mix well.

Step 4: Bring on the Meat

While you are breading the cube steaks you will want to have your cooking oil heating up. As a general rule somewhere between 1/2 in. to 1 in. of oil is placed in the pan, depending upon the thickness of your cut of meat. I set the heat at medium to medium high so that it can be warming up. You will want the meat to cook in the oil and not soak up the oil.

I place the meat into the egg wash, coating both sides then move to the breading. I set the coated steaks aside and continue to work the meat through the wash and breading. After I have finished working them the wash and breading I repeat the process. Giving the steaks a double coat.

Step 5: Frying

I place the meat into the frying pan on medium high heat, cooking each side for approximately 3-4 min. You will need to experiment with the time as all stove tops are different. Generally the breading will turn a golden brown as it completes its cooking. When you place them into the pan don't move them around as you can dislodge the breading. Let them cook on one side to completion before turning over with a fork or tongs. All that's left is serving with your favorite sides and enjoy.

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