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Introduction: Chopper Cycle

I have had lower back problems for 15 yrs and have been told by my doc to stop cycling insted i have made myself a life size chopper cycle. It started out as a 24" mtb that cost me $30, steel pipe worth $35 and my welding and prefab skills i used the front forks, rear triangle, crank and down tude the rest of the frame i custom built my self to fit my body size the front forks i cut and extended and then modified to look like full size fork. on the frame i put a second crank and ran a double crank with a chane lift, i perfabed a rear web wheel gard and installed on the rear triangle, i have  front and rear breaks and rear gears, the finished product rides like a dream. Have fun building your own .here is a help full link on rake and trail for motor bikes but the principals are the same

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    jamz1378' I also have had very bad back probs for over 30 years this is the best I have ever seen, I'm also a disabled vet and was wondering if you would be interested in talking to me about making me one, if so please email me at I can make it worth your time and money god bless you great job my friend.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    it ride like a dream due to the length you have to remember that the rear end cuts the corner a bit more then a normal bike, i had to fiddle around with the head tube angle to get it set right which is why i have added the link for rack and trail, the gears have been added for making it easy to go up hill since ya can't stand up. I prefer to ride this then my mtb a real nice bike to ride.