Introduction: Cigar Box Guitar in One Hour, the Uncle Crow Way!

Hey all you instructables fanatics!

Today we're going to have a step-by-step cigar box guitar building class!

The total time to build is about one hour, not including the introduction video, or video 8, where we're just playing the guitar.

Build a three string, slide cigar box guitar with the following items:


wooden cigar box - $3
1x2  - $1
three eye bolts, 3/16" x 3" , 24 thread - $1.50
six #8 washers - $.98
three wing nuts, 3/16", 24 thread - $.98
three 6/32 machine screws with matching nuts - $.98
machine bolt, 1/4" x 2" long - $.98
guitar strings, one pack - $5
three wood screws - 1 1/2" long - $.98

these items are really much cheaper than i list here. most of them are bought in bulk, so for just a little more money you could build a LOT of guitars. the prices listed above are the average hardware store price, if you were to buy the item in small numbers in individual bags from the pegs in the fasteners section.

1/2" paddle bit for three sound holes (you could use 1/4 bit with six holes)
regular smaller drill bits
phillips bit
hand saw (box saw is best)
sand paper

additional items
guitar picks can be bought at most box stores, like walmart, target, or kmart
slides can be bought at home depot. go to the cabinet section, and ask for a 2" long 3/4" steel spacer. they cost $1.50, and are the best slides i've ever used!!

Step 1: 1 - Workspace, Parts, and Tools

Step 2: 2 - Cutting the Neck and Body Block

Step 3: 3 - Neck and Body Block Prep, Tuner Installation

Step 4: 4 - Mounting the Neck and Drilling Sound Holes

Step 5: 5 - Fret Calculation and Fret Markers

Step 6: 6 - Installing Strings and Using the Eye Bolt Tuners

Step 7: 7 - Tuning It Up, Playing It, and Adjusting the Bridge

Step 8: 8 - It's Done! Let's Play It! Cover Song: Collective Soul - "Shine"

Step 9: Play More Songs Than You Could Imagine!

feel free to check out my youtube channel for more inspiration, to see all kinds of music that can be played on it, and more!