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If you've ever wanted to learn how to cook, this is the class for you! By following along with me, you'll learn all the fundamentals of cooking you need to create delicious meals.

I'll show you which pots, pans and tools are essential in your kitchen and how to stock your kitchen pantry so you always have the ingredients on hand to make a tasty homemade meal. Along with properly outfitting your kitchen, you'll learn all about how to use a chef's knife safely and other simple ways to be a better cook today!

Once we've covered the basics, I'll guide you through eight different cooking techniques that will improve every meal you make! Each cooking technique is also paired with a recipe collection so you can practice these techniques while making a delicious meal. Nearly every recipe used in this class is one of mine, so you can be sure they've been tried and tested. :D

Take this class and you'll be feeling like a great cook in no time!

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Class Author:jessyratfink

Jessy Ratfink is a modern embroidery artist, sewist, crafter and cook. She published her first instructable nearly 10 years ago and now has over 500 instructables under her belt! She works for the Instructables Design Studio making awesome things full time. In her down time, she makes hand embroidered art for her Etsy shop, making jiggy.

To see what she's currently working on, visit her @makingjiggy Instagram page!


Tools and Supplies for Cooking

Lesson 1: Tools and Supplies for Cooking

In our first lesson, I share my favorite pots, pans and other equipment. You'll also learn about stocking a pantry so you can always have something to cook.

Tools and Supplies for Cooking

Tools and Supplies for Cooking Started

Knife Skills

Lesson 2: Knife Skills

Here I'll teach you about one of the most important kitchen tools: the knife. Topics include cutting safely, sharpening knives, cleaning your knives and basic knife cuts to know.

Knife Skills

Knife Skills Started

Basic Skills for Better Cooking

Lesson 3: Basic Skills for Better Cooking

In this lesson, I'll show you some easy ways to be a better cook! These tips will help keep you organized, efficient, informed, and safe in the kitchen.

Basic Skills for Better Cooking

Basic Skills for Better Cooking Started

Pan Frying and Sauteing

Lesson 4: Pan Frying and Sauteing

Now that I've taught you a few cooking tricks, I'll walk you through pan frying (which includes browning and searing) and sautéing. These two techniques are used as the base of many recipes.

Pan Frying and Sauteing

Pan Frying and Sauteing Started

Boiling, Simmering and Stewing

Lesson 5: Boiling, Simmering and Stewing

In this lesson, I'll teach you all about cooking in liquids. These techniques are essential for making curries, pasta, soups, stews, chilis, sauces and for poaching food.

Boiling, Simmering and Stewing

Boiling, Simmering and Stewing Started

Baking, Broiling and Roasting

Lesson 6: Baking, Broiling and Roasting

For the last lesson of this class, I'll show you three great techniques using your oven. The oven is a fuss-free way to cook a large variety of meat and vegetables.

Baking, Broiling and Roasting

Baking, Broiling and Roasting Started

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!