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Intermediate Level

This intermediate level Arduino class guides you through creating your first internet-connected electronics projects using a wifi breakout board. Learn the elaborate workflow of hardware and software that makes smart objects succeed through basic step-by-step examples of the most common things you want to build: a sensor that triggers an email (or tweet, etc.), a circuit that displays info fetched from online, and how to combine sample code to build your own project ideas.

Whether you're a software engineer just dipping a toe into hardware, or a novice who just finished the introductory Arduino Class, this class will give you the skills to realize the IoT projects of your dreams. You'll explore cloud services to quickly and easily link your DIY circuits up with other IoT devices, social media sites, and more.

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Becky Stern has authored hundreds of tutorials in everything from wearable electronics to knitting. Before joining Instructables as a content creator, Becky worked as a senior video producer for MAKE Magazine and then as the director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. She lives in New York City and enjoys riding her motorcycle, making YouTube videos, and collecting new hobbies. Her work has been featured by VICE, the BBC, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Engadget, CNN, Business Insider, Forbes, and Science Friday.

Intermediate Level:
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Lesson 1: Gather Your (Internet Of) Things

Find out what you'll learn, what you'll need to get started (with links to all supplies and tools used), and get a little more context on this class' approach.

Lesson 2: Software Setup

You'll need to install some software to get working with the ESP8266, even if you've used Arduino before. These one-time steps will set you up for success in all your future lessons and projects!

Lesson 3: Hardware Setup

Learn about your board assembly options, features, and limitations. Put together a basic solderless breadboard circuit using a pushbutton and an LED.

Lesson 4: Circuit Triggers Internet Action

Whip up a simple prototype that sends an email when you press a pushbutton! This lesson will walk you through the setup of your first Adafruit IO feed and IFTTT applet.

Lesson 5: Circuit Displays Internet Data

Level up to create colorful representations of weather conditions by collecting forecast data from IFTTT through Adafruit IO and displaying it with NeoPixel LEDs.

Lesson 6: Combining Inputs and Outputs

Learn to expand on the basic examples from this class to create your own projects, and see how two devices can interact with one another using the same feed and Arduino code, plus find links to more projects and learning resources.

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