Introduction: Closet Hole

This is a easy to make project,
To make it: you need a jigsaw, saw, sander, paint, drill, and maybe a hinge

Step 1:

1) Go to your closet

Step 2:

2) Find a hollow area at the bottom of the closet

Step 3:

3) Remove any guarders or anything that could inhabit your work

Step 4:

4) Measure the size hole you want twice: 21 1/2 by 18 3/4 for us

Step 5:

5) Drill a hole at one of the corners so the saw can fit

Step 6:

6) Cut the wall down the line so the jigsaw fits

Step 7:

7) Cut down the side

Step 8:

8) Repeat 4-7 until all sides are fully cut

Step 9:

9) Take out the wood

Step 10:

10) Cut some wood 1/8 inch more thet size of the wood

Step 11:

11) Sand the remainder of the wood to fit the hole.

Step 12:

12) Place the new wood into the wall

Step 13:

13) And for finishing touches add paint to make it less noticeable

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