Introduction: Clothing Pill

Great for backpacking, camping, and similar outings because you often wear pants more than one day. It also saves room for other items in you pack/bag for other items because of how compact the clothing pill is compared to standard folding methods.

Step 1: Supplies


1-Article of Underwear

1-pair of Long Socks

Step 2: Folding

fold 1/3 of T-shirt over and then fold sleeve back.

Step 3: More Folding

repeat step 2 on other side.

Step 4: Placement of Other Clothing

place underwear on T-shirt then, place socks on top with the openings facing outwards.

Step 5: Roll

start at top and roll tightly with every thing inside (except ends of the socks).

Step 6: Finishing

Pull one sock over the T-shirt then repeat with the other side.

Step 7: All Done

pull socks off to use then unroll.

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