Cloven Hooves.




Introduction: Cloven Hooves.

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These are pretty easy to make hooves, from stuff i found around my house.
they are cloven [have a split down the middle] because i made these to go with my faun[or satyr] costume.
this is step two in my satyr costume making.
the first step[ram horns] can be found here:

anyways, all you need is:
1)some ugly high heels [mine are four-inchers]
2)poweredrill and 6-8 screws
3)saw [circular or otherwise]
4)a 4-by-4 peice of wood[you decide the length]
5)sanding skills/sander.
6)some elastic.

they may look kinda silly when they are done, but not to worry, they will look professionally badass when you get furry pants to go over the shoe.

Step 1: Making the Foot Brace

first you need a 'foot brace' part to easily and comfortably hold your foot with the weight balanced on the balls of your feet.

for this i used these really ugly 4 inch heels that ive had for about ever.
i dont even know how they got in my house.

cut the heel off.

Step 2: Making the Hoof.

i first took a 4X4 and cut two chunks that are 6 inches long [the length of teh bottom of my shoe plus an inch].

next i cut some of the bulk off with the circular saw, making the basic shape for my hooves.

then sand the corners to a rounded awesomeness.

next i took the peices and cut a split down the middle of each, then sanded that out a little.

the only regrets i have with these is that they are a bit blocky, but i really dont mind because its easier to balace this way, and the hooves will be covered about 2/3 of the way down with fur from my pants.

Step 3: Attaching the Two.

start by cutting the top of the shoe open, to make the bottom inside available.

use your powerdrill to put 3 or 4 screws through the sole and into the wooden block of a hoof.
make sure you screw them down tight, or they will be very uncomfortable to walk on. you can even glue some foam, or put some tape or something on the screw heads if you can feel them so that they are more comfortable.

i felt it nessisary to tack some elastic straps over the toes because these shoes are a tad too big for me. just a little extra security.

i also added another set of straps way later to secure my ankles.
just to make these shoes more connected to your foot, as apposed to someth that is merely attached.
at first i tryed to sew the elastic onto the shoe, but its like made of tatnium and i bent my needle and puntured my thumb :(
so i just tacked it to the sole :D

Step 4: Finishing

i used some wood stain i had lying around, to give the hooves a dark varied color, as opposed to painting them. i like the wood grain in there.

then i used some clear sealer on that when it dried.

then your done:D


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    Answer 4 years ago

    get leggins


    8 years ago on Introduction

    do you absolutely have to use a 4in heel because i have like and inch and a half heel and i was wondering if you think that would work?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, any size heel would work. It would just affect how tall your ankles stand. The taller, the more goat like.


    13 years ago on Introduction

     I used this with the realistic werewolf costume by missmonster to make a satyr outfit. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I hope to get pics and stuff up soon. here are a pic and a video clip.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    well, ive checked out digigrade legs before. i dont like them because they make your leg kind of bulky and rectangular, and some also make clanky noises when you walk around. i wanted to have a more natural look, but digi's are better if you dont have the best balance. but as for wealking in them, they are surprisingly easy once you practice a little. but thats not to say that ankle breaking isnt possible. i havent yet :D


    14 years ago on Introduction

    freak out your neighbour hood on snowy days by running around in the middle of the night and claim that old nick has come to visit due to their heathen natures. groovy loved them