Introduction: Cnc Machine

Step 1: Drawing the Machine

I started by creating the design of the machine on SolidWorks.

On the PDF i put all the measurements.

Step 2: Start Construction

After seeing all the measurements, I calculated the amount of iron that I would need to build the machine. It was something like 16 meters of square tube.

So I bought two bars of six meters square tube 20*20*2, one bar of 6 meters square tube 25*25*2 and one bar of 6 meters angle iron 25*25*3.

Then I started cutting and drilling holes in all parts according to the technical drawing.

after that i started welding the parts.

Step 3: Motors and Drivers

i bought on ebay one kit of stepper motors with driver and power supply.

The steppers are Nema 23 Stepper Motor 287oz-in

Step 4: Final Product

Overall, the machine is good, just not fast enough because i use a m8 screw as lead screw. 

So the machine only can do 300 mm/m

Step 5: Some Stuff

stuff i made with the machine.

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