Introduction: Code Arduino With Your Phone!

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have you ever found yourself wanting to do a bit of coding but don't have your computer? well now you can!

please make sure that your device is compatible with on the go cables, you can find out by going into settings and looking under device information.

Step 1: Tools:

tools needed:
1. Arduino (obviously)
2. USB on-the-go cable: Gearbest Eu+Us
3. USB a to b cable

note: this will work with any Arduino apart from the Galileo.

Step 2: Usb #1

plug you USB a to b into your Arduino.

Step 3: USB #2

now plug the USB on the go cable into your USB a to b.

Step 4:

now plug the USB micro end of the on the go cable into your android device.

Step 5:

Step 6: Software:

There are two apps that can do this these apps are: Arduino droid and Arduino commander, I personally prefer Arduino droid because it is compatible with more devices.

Step 7: Get Coding!

if you followed the Instructable correctly this is what you should see when you open Arduino Droid. This interface is very similar to the PC ide and has all the same features.

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