Introduction: Coffered Ceiling

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Hi guys wanted to show that after marking where all my joists were I used 2by8 's to create the grid I needed to make for 9 even squares in my 14by14 foot room. I had to also allow for the part faux beams that would be connected to the wall.

Step 1:

here is what the finished grid looks like. I also used some scrap wood to act as supports to hold up the cross members whole I screwd them in. Before drywalling I ran all my electrical wiring, but left extra wire above each sqaure so that I could put my halogens dead centre after the boxes were up for the faux beams.

Step 2:

Here ypu can see the 5/8 mdf that I used for my faux boxes and blocking on the walls. Your boxes have to fit around whatever stock you use for your hangars and I used construction adhesive and screws to hold the boxes together. This was easy because I could make everything on the ground and then just screw them in place when they were done. Mdf needs to be predrilled to at least a 1/16 of an inch deeper than the screws you use.

Step 3:

This is a big step but the pixture give you a good idea of what the boxes look like and this shows the crown molding I used. The ceiling was only nine feet high so I only made my beams 4 and a half inches thick and roughly 8 inches wide. I used a crown moulding that only took up two inches of the beam. I bought myself a jig from a company called Kreg for hassle free crown molding cuts on my mitre saw. I then used an air nailer with 1 inch brad nails and construction adheshive to attach it. I have also cut my holes for my halogens. I also bought a centre medallion at home depot and stuck it up with adhesive. Keep some white paintable caulking on hand to hide any gaps.

Step 4:

In this step you can see them small strips of pine I ripped to cover the screw hole in the bottoms of my beams. I didn't buy these I just ripped some 1by6 pine on my tablesaw. You can also see some of my patching work. I fill in every nail hole with caulking.

Step 5:

prime paint, push in your halogens and your done. Total cost 550$ canadian. P.s. buy yourself a laser level to help out with laying out the beams. I Think it makes the room look a lot bigger. Total time was about 40 hours. Thanks