Introduction: Complete Home Workout Guide/ Gym Build

This instructable will show you how to hit all the muscles in your body without expensive equipment. You name a muscle i can make it burn. All you need are a few simple things, such as an area for body resistance training, some push-up handles (optional), a chair, a couch, and a hang board or a pull-up bar, and another person (optional but helps), and two towels.

Step 1: Equipment

Here's pictures of al the stuff you need.

Step 2: Shoulders

To work out the shoulders you're gonna need some resistance that you can hold. This could be a dumbell, a milk jug, or even a chair. What i use are some dumbell handles with no weight on them. Weight is insignificant compared to form and concentration. Focus on every excercise and try to have perfect form. Strong shoulders are less inclined to injury. Great for baseball players.

Step 3: Chest

To work out the chest your gonna need to do push-ups and if you have the stuff do flies.

Step 4: Biceps/Triceps/Brachioradialis/Forearm Extensor Muscles

A workout for your biceps and triceps. Basically how it works, if you dont have youtube, is one person is on the ground on their knees and the other is standing up in front of them. One grips the towel in a hammer curl grip, and the other also in the hammer curl grip. The person standing up curls the towel while the person down provides resistance for his/her biceps. Then the opposite happens for the person down.

Step 5: Abs/ Stomach/ Obliques

You use the chair or the couch for this step. With the chair have your workout partner sit on your legs while you are laying on the floor with your gastrocnemius (calf) muscle on the seat of the chair. Once your tired start doing twisting sit-ups for your obliques.

Step 6: Quadraceps

An amazing workout for your legs are called hindu squats. They are practiced by monks all over asia and the world. They look like this. Another great workout is squating another person! This tactic is employed by U.S Marines. If you wan to check this out human weapon did an episode on marine martial arts.

Step 7: Gastrocnemius (Calf)

To work out this muscle you are gonna want to do calf raises with body weight, or if you want to hold something to your chest or at your side then do calf raises. If you arent sure what these are here are some pics.

Step 8: Back (Rhomboids and Laticimus Dorci)

For your back you'll need something to pick up and the chair you used for sit-ups. I use my tool box for this, or youll need a pull-up bar or bar at a local park. Just like "fitness from the streets"  on youtube does. You know what im sayin'? If you watch the video you will. Watch all of them.